What does it mean to be partner?


Partners and research groups


All Flemish universities and two Walloon universities are partners in the ELIXIR Belgium consortium, as well as VIB and Sciensano. More specifically, these are the groups within the partner institutes that provide bioinformatics infrastructure services in Belgium. The addition of new partner institutes is a decision of the ELIXIR Belgium Management Board.


Individual membership of ELIXIR Belgium


For the ELIXIR Belgium Node, we consider the following points to determine who is a member of the Node. You have to be affiliated with one of our partner organisations. Secondly, you have to be a provider or developer of bioinformatics tools or  services, or be active in the fields of data management, reproducible analysis or data sharing. Moreover, you need to have a demonstrated interest in ELIXIR goals. If you are interested to join ELIXIR, e.g. in new Communities, please get in contact first.


Benefits of being a member of ELIXIR Belgium


Membership of ELIXIR Belgium leads to a number of benefits. 



Last update 14 March 2022.