Advancing data stewardship: insights from environmental and life science research infrastructures

28 February 2020
Flanders Marine Institute InnovOcean site Wandelaarkaai 7 (entrance: warehouse 48), Ostend

Open Science and Open Data initiatives are currently high on many agendas (e.g. EOSC, FOSB). The implementation of these initiatives rely heavily on the infrastructure and services present. As such, the European Research Infrastructures (ESFRIs) play a central role in this. Many of these infrastructures offer data platforms, tools and services. However, the handling of data in different domains comes with its specific challenges.

On 28 February 2020, 33 data enthusiasts attended the Advancing Data Stewardship meeting organised by VLIZ (LifeWatch) and VIB (ELIXIR). The meeting aimed at gathering relevant stakeholders involved in data stewardship and management from both environmental and life sciences. It focussed on the exchange of knowledge including practices and used services and solutions. The given presentations highlighted various aspects of data management, such as DMP, tools, workflows, data repositories, metadata, standards, etc… Increasing awareness of the need for responsible data management in order to support data analysis and re-use of data was pursued.

Full program and presentations.