Big Data for Health & Care - "The Arisal of Data Spaces"

23 April 2024
Corda Campus, Hasselt

The term data space has gained a lot of traction lately, specifically with the upcoming European Health Data Space legislation. The definition of data space is still under discussion. However, several sources describe it as "a decentralised infrastructure for trustworthy data sharing and exchange in data ecosystems, based on commonly agreed principles". In recent years, a series of health data spaces have arised. At the moment, the strategic oversight is lost and many questions remain. 

With this symposium, we aspire to facilitate an in-depth exploration of data spaces and research infrastructures, elucidate challenges and best practices for large-scale projects, and engage in a panel debate on the feasibility of implementing and integrating various data spaces at different levels, all underpinning the advancement of healthcare data sharing and research. 


You can find more information about the event here, including the possibility to pre-register.

For specific questions, please contact Ilse Vermeulen from the Research Group Biomedical Data Sciences through


Also check the hands-on workshop that is organised the day before: "How to set up a Health Data Sharing Initiative"!


Organised by the University of Hasselt and ELIXIR Belgium.