Learning to Code with Dodona: A Webinar for Educators

14 March 2024

Discover how Dodona (https://dodona.be/en) can enhance your programming, statistics and data science education in this special webinar for educators. In 1 hour, you will learn about:

  1. Dodona’s user-friendly interface, and how its automated feedback system smoothly integrates into your curriculum and significantly elevates the learning experience;
  2. Dodona's extensive library of coding exercises, suitable for various languages and skill levels;
  3. how to create personalized exercises to meet specific teaching goals.

The session will be hands-on, so you’re sure to leave with actionable insights to effectively implement Dodona into your courses.


Furthermore, Prof. Lieven Clement will share how he successfully created a basic R skills course with Dodona. That course was an independent learning module in his university class, illustrating the practical application of Dodona in a real-world academic setting.


Join us for an engaging overview of how Dodona can be a vital tool in your educational arsenal!




-Bart Mesuere, Prof. Big Data Science
-Peter Dawyndt, Prof. Computational Biology
-Lieven Clement, Ass. Prof. Statistical Genomics


In collaboration with Ghent University and ELIXIR Belgium.