RDMkit Contentathon

22-24 May 2023
Monasterium PoortAckere, Oude Houtlei 56, Gent

Over the past two years, RDMkit (https://rdmkit.elixir-europe.org/) has developed into a useful and inspiring open resource platform to learn about research data management and explore relevant tools. To make sure that the RDMkit content is regularly revised, improved and further developed, the RDMkit editors are organising the RDMkit Contentathon.

The Contentathon will be a great opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with people who work in similar domains to yourself. During the three-days event, the RDMkit editors will be available to assist you in adding new content and answer any queries to help improve current pages on RDMkit. As a page contributor, you will be acknowledged at the bottom of the RDMkit page(s) you work on. 


More information and the agenda can be found here.


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