Yves Moreau
  • 21 November 2023

Yves Moreau receives Einstein Foundation Award

Yves Moreau is a professor of engineering science at KU Leuven and regularly involved in public debates about genetic surveillance technologies. His team designs algorithms to guarantee the protection of privacy in large-scale data analyses and offer their expertise on handling sensitive data in science to consortia, such as ELIXIR Belgium.

His dedication and work have now been recognized by the Einstein Foundation Award which spotlights efforts that help to advance the quality and robustness of research findings. One of the jury members said that Moreau’s “work and achievements serve as a cornerstone to help us confront the difficult social questions that arise from rapid technological developments”.

Moreau aims to use the prize as a catalyst for fostering a culture of ethics and social responsibility in the data community, which is essential in the age of AI. As he said on LinkedIn: “Even if I cannot change the whole world, a small group of committed people can sometimes change some of the world in meaningful ways”.

Read the official press release for more information.