1 September 2022 - 31 August 2027

Integrated SERVices supporting a sustainable AGROecological transition (AgroServ) is a €15 million Horizon Europe project, coordinated by AnaEE. The project aims to provide access to integrated research services to the European research communities to advance knowledge on agroecosystems, increase the understanding of the risks and threats due to global changes and foster the development of new agroecological practices.

The consortium gathers more than 70 partners under 11 Research Infrastructures working in different disciplines: plant & animal phenotyping, bioengineering, experimental ecology, microbiology, bioimaging, metrology, data and modelling, socio-economics (EMPHASIS, IBISBA, EMBRC, MIRRI, EU-OpenScreen, ELIXIR…). By delivering a pan-European and inter/multidisciplinary data ecosystem, and providing state-of-the art services on agroecosystems, the project will help society to build long-term capacity to respond to global challenges in the agriculture sector.

AgroServ will have a high impact on the future of the food system, preserving biodiversity and reducing the impact of agriculture on climate. The consortium will work closely with partners from the society, farmers, industry, citizens and policy makers, through living labs and towards the establishment of evidence-based policy, and co-developed practices in agriculture.

ELIXIR Belgium is responsible for the consolidation of integrated data management and analysis services (WP3). More specifically this includes a knowledge hub for FAIR data management practices and guidelines (based on RDMkit), data deposition/brokering of experimental and integrative data (based on established systems and international data repositories) and cloud infrastructure for data integration and analysis supporting virtual access (based on Galaxy).