Alignment of the Interoperability Platform FAIR Service Architecture Framework with the Data Platform, Communities, and ELIXIR Projects

1 January 2022 - 31 December 2023

Over the next two years, the ELIXIR Interoperability Platform (EIP) will build on the extensive interoperability capacity building that has taken place to date, and deliver a set of interoperability stories that showcase EIP flagship interoperability services ‘in action’, and provide practical advice and guidance on the production of FAIR data and data analyses.

The scope of this task is to better align the Data and the Interoperability Platforms’ activities with the Communities’ needs, via the creation of a FAIR Services Architecture Framework and the definition of  “interoperability stories” demonstrating impact, benefits and actions. Via this framework, the Interoperability Platform aims to deliver across two work-packages:

  • An expanded set of Recommended Interoperability Resources (RIRs), FAIRification services and strategies, also connected to the Core Data Resources (CDRs), Core Deposition Databases (CDDs) and informed by the user communities more closely connected to the services, and supplied by the Nodes.

  • A flow of products and best practice, and a series of experts able to answer interoperability queries and showcase exemplar solutions via applied use cases.

  • A focus on and processes for putting ELIXIR’s FAIR house in order - with clear recommendations for our EIP flagship services ‘in action’; ensuring reuse of data and resources.

  • A set of interoperability recommended licences, best practice cases, registries and products for interaction with other infrastructure and projects e.g. RDA, EOSC, highlighting EIP’s and ELIXIR’s activities

  • Alignment with and support of, relevant emerging resources from ELIXIR-affiliated projects, which also support the flow of the data from instrument to services and deposition databases and data analysis workflows.

The present study is participated in by seven ELIXIR Nodes and the ELIXIR Hub: ELIXIR Belgium (Frederik Coppens), EMBL-EBI, ELIXIR UK, ELIXIR Greece, ELIXIR Italy, ELIXIR Netherlands, and ELIXIR Norway.