1 January 2024 - 31 December 2026

The European Viral Outbreak Research Alliance (EVORA) project brings together three RIs (EVA, ERINHA-ESFRI and ELIXIR-ESFRI) with unique and complementary expertise in bio-banking, high containment facilities and data management solutions, respectively, under a single concerted interoperable framework with a common and long-term perspective.

EVORA will establish a comprehensive, coordinated, operational and sustainable research infrastructure platform for scientific communities conducting fundamental and preclinical research to overcome the main obstacles encountered during the COVID-19 crisis.

The objectives of EVORA are:

  1. Strengthen EU capacity for pandemic preparedness research and response to viral diseases
  2. Unify research infrastructure operations for optimal responsiveness, sustainability and worldwide competitiveness
  3. Address specific regulatory, ethical, and security challenges related to emerging pathogens


ELIXIR Belgium is the lead partner for developing data management guidelines and best practices for the virology community, building on RDMkit and the Infectious Diseases Toolkit, developed in BY-COVID. The team will also identify which specific data types are most challenging, and describe the end-to-end deposition workflows to enable researchers to handle their submission.