Expanding the Galaxy: (meeting) the needs of ELIXIR Communities

31 May 2019 - 30 May 2021

As data analysis is common place in life sciences, we need to establish scalable ways to develop and share analysis workflows and train researchers to make use of them. The latter entails an end-to-end approach from access to data over selection and proper usage of the appropriate workflow and deploying this on available (cloud) resources.

As the ELIXIR Communities bring together domain experts, this is an ideal way to identify and develop standard workflows for commonly used analysis in specific domains. Since summer 2016, the Galaxy training network has been collecting and further developing training material for analysis and administration of Galaxy in a collaborative way (https://training.galaxyproject.org).

This project has three main goals: 1) Expand the portfolio of Community workflows including training material to describe them, 2) Facilitate access to data in Core Data Resources and Deposition Databases, 3) Improve the user experience of the Galaxy platform.

The study is a joint effort of ELIXIR France (Gildas le Gorguille, Erwan Corre), ELIXIR UK (Ralf Weber, Philippe Rocca-Serra, Christine Orengo), ELIXIR-NL (Michael Van Vliet, Saskia Hiltemann, Leon Mei, Peter Horvatovich, Anton Feenstra), ELIXIR Germany (Bjorn Gruning, Berenice Batut, Christophe Steinbeck, Oliver Kolhbacher), ELIXIR Spain (Salvador Capella, Oswaldo Trelles), ELIXIR Portugal (Daniel Faria, Ricardo Leite, Ana Portugal Melo), ELIXIR Norway (Erik Hjerde, Nils-Peder Willassen), EMBL-EBI (Henning Hermjakob), ELIXIR Greece (Irene Liampa), ELIXIR Italy (Marco Tangaro, Manuela Helmer-Citterich), ELIXIR Czech (Martin Hubalek), ELIXIR Belgium (Frederik Coppens).