Exploiting Bioschemas Markup to Support ELIXIR Communities

31 December 2019 - 30 December 2021

Bioschemas leverages Schema.org, a widely implemented community effort supported by the main search engines to provide a way to add semantic markup to webpages. By enriching webpages with Bioschemas annotation, independently published content can be harvested and used by other resources without the need for APIs. As such, Bioschemas has the potential to boost Open and FAIR science.

This study aims to make data more discoverable for ELIXIR communities by exploiting Bioschemas markup deployed by data providers on their web resources. Four communities will be focussed on: Rare Diseases, Plant Sciences, Toxicology, and Intrinsically Disordered Proteins to apply Bioschemas to their resources in order to support search/index, resources markup for tools, metadata exchange and auto-curation. A roadmap, training and best practice examples will be provided for other communities.

The study is a joint effort of ELIXIR UK (Alasdair Gray, Carole Goble, Nick Juty), ELIXIR Belgium (Frederik Coppens, Bert Droebeke), ELIXIR France (Cyril Pommier, Marc Hanauer, Raphael Flores), ELIXIR the Netherlands (Marco Roos, Rajaram Kaliyaperumai), ELIXIR Portugal (Celia Miguel, Ines Chaves, Daniel Faria), ELIXIR Italy (Silvio Tosatto, Ivan Micetic, Damiano Piovesan), ELIXIR Hungary (Zsuzsanna Doszatanyi), ELIXIR Germany (Toby Gibson) and the ELIXIR hub (Sira Sarntivijai).