1 January 2024 - 30 June 2026

QUANTUM is a Horizon Europe Coordination and Support Action (CSA) project in the context of the European Health Data Space. The project will set out a common EU framework for the use of health data in research, innovation, public health, policy-making, regulatory activities and personalised medicine.

In HealthData@EU, the data holders are expected to make their datasets available for secondary use, providing a notion of their quality, utility and the maturity of their data quality procedures. In article 56 in the HealthData@EU proposed regulation, this notion would take the form of a label. QUANTUM will design and test a labelling mechanism in multiple data holders to ultimately provide a labelling approach to data holders. The approach will then be adopted by data users and health data access bodies within the future HealthData@EU.

The objectives of QUANTUM are the following:

  1. Conceptualise and develop a data quality and utility label in the context of data holder maturity model
  2. Design, develop and test the labelling of the data sets’ quality and utility, and data holders’ maturity
  3. Analyse the implementation challenges with a view to enable the transferability and sustainability of the labelling mechanism as part of HealthData@EU
  4. Develop a capacity building and outreach program that allows a broad engagement of the data quality professional community

ELIXIR Belgium is one of the 10 data holders where the test label will be implemented and applied to representative data sets. The conformance will be checked by adopting the usual means and data quality procedures to detect possible bugs, deficiencies or other functional issues.