Standardizing the fluxomics workflows

31 May 2019 - 30 May 2021

This Metabolomics Community-led study focusses on the standardization of fluxomics workflows. The study is led by ELIXIR Greece and ELIXIR Spain and supported by EMBL-EBI and 11 other national ELIXIR Nodes, among which ELIXIR Belgium (Bart Ghesquire).

The study aims at 1) establishing standards for isotopic labelling data deposition, a major fluxomics input, and accordingly extending Metabolights -  the reference database for quantitative metabolomics datasets, 2) establishing interoperability among largely-used fluxomic tools, building upon the PhenoMeNal fluxomic tool inventory, 3) extending BioSchemas to metabolic reactions and their dynamics, using the metabolic reaction database Rhea for metabolic model reconstruction, 4) containerizing the fluxomic workflow for use in cloud-based environment, and 5) standardizing the fluxomics training.