26-27 February 2024

University of Hasselt
Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt

Two-Day Master Class Transitioning ML Workflows from Academia to Practice (VAIA)

This foundational course provides a comprehensive journey through the various stages of machine learning model development and deployment. Attendees will learn how to transition models from academic research to practical applications. They will work how important is to have clear idea about what they will find in real scenarios when they have to face to the task to deploy a machine learning model.


The course also covers the strategies and, ensuring scalability and efficiency, and concludes with strategies for downscaling to edge devices for real-time processing. Throughout, participants will acquire practical skills and knowledge essential for navigating these transitions smoothly, preparing them for diverse real-world scenarios. improve the grammar of this text.


You can find more information here.


With the contribution of  speakers from VIB Technology Training and ELIXIR Belgium.